Quantum Physics


Pneumatherapists work with Source Energy, in Sanskrit language called Prana. Sanskrit was developed in northern India more than 2,500 years ago, specifically to speak to metaphysical concepts. It became to language of the gods in that almost all religious and spiritual works of the time were translated to Sanskrit, and new material was written in Sanskrit.

In Hindu philosophy, Prana is as close as anyone can get to Godlike energy. In Chinese philosophy it is called Qi, and in Japanese, Ki (for reiKi). Nowadays in western cultures some people call it Universal Energy. Prana is a wide spectrum of metaphysical energies that permeate the universe. Within the spectrum of Prana energies are those higher energies of which our soul bodies are made, and the energies of which our dhamani (meridians) are made. Our souls and spirits are made of certain prana frequencies.

We can tap into, and make use of Prana. That is how most of pneumatherapy spiritual healing takes place, by channeling prana to restore health to broken DNA, cells or connections and soul organs.

Prana acts like a high concentrate solution of energy that floods the client’s deficient energy centers and, if mind allows it without blocking it, Prana reprograms the DNA, washes out stale or modified energy and repairs whatever it is allowed (by the Law of Karma) to repair. Miracles happen.

What Prana is Not

Prana is not part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which currently is thought to span the frequencies from gamma waves to radio waves, with heat and visible light somewhere in between. Some suggest that the electromagnetic spectrum may be a lower part of Prana, but nevertheless, the point is that soul energy is of a different type of energy than the electromagnetic spectrum, and spiritual energy (of our higher chakras) is an even higher type of energy.