The Internship Experience

As compared to practicums, internships take on the characteristics of a real job focusing on independent application of skills and knowledge in the workplace setting. Students are placed with on-site professionals who manage their workload and oversee their performance much as an administrator in an actual employment setting would. Additionally, program instructors oversee the clinical work and two to three times during the internship, evaluate their progress and performance.

A major difference between a practicum and a internship involves the degree of expected involvement of the student with hands-on work. The expansion of task expectations can be demonstrated using the previous examples from the education and medical fields. Compared to a practicum student, interns would not only assist supervising teachers, pneumatherapists, with client, writing up of case studies, therapies and planning therapeutic approaches, the intern will handle the entire case by herself, knowing that a teacher is close-by for consultation. In a similar fashion, nursing interns would go beyond mere charting of vital signs. They would be expected to understand and independently perform evaluation procedures on multiple patients, then accurately record their results and consult with their nursing supervisor about them.

Internships are usually considered to be full-time experiences, following the work schedule of the assigned placement. They also receive academic credit, and in some cases, may be provided a stipend for services rendered.

As an avenue for preparing graduates for careers, academic practicum and internship experiences are valuable tools for learning. They not only afford students opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge and practice their skills in real world settings but prepare students for the realities of the workplace. By understanding the differences between a practicum and an internship, students have the advantage of being better prepared to navigate the curriculum of the pneumatherapy teaching program.

FEES: Fees for the Internship phase have been pre-paid. All payment plans have Unit 8, Intern Program pre-paid. Therefore by the time you get to this Unit, you have already paid for it. This helps some students with the expenses associated with attending at an intern location. The price of $5 listed for this unit is just a way for us to get the software to work.

TIME: 4 weeks

PREREQUISITE: Unit 7 – Practicum