(PnT) Unit 7 – PRACTICUM

What is the Difference Between a Practicum and an Internship?

Understanding the difference between a practicum and an internship can better prepare students for the curriculum demands of the program.

Essentially, educational practicums and internships are supervised on-site work experiences that allow students to practice and demonstrate their developing skills and competencies in their chosen career. While these experiences bear some similarities in design, their purpose and scope are quite different.

The Practicum Experience

Practicums are field experiences that allow a student to observe and document how working professionals perform their job responsibilities. Students will also participate to a limited extent in performing tasks under supervision by program professors and on-site staff. Concurrently, students enroll in a course which outlines the expectations and requirements of the practicum.

The expectations associated with a practicum vary according to the career. For example, a practicum in pneumatherapy may require assisting the teacher with client assessment, paperwork, and some of the therapies. A practicum in nursing may entail recording vital signs for one or two patients under supervision. General characteristics of the practicum includes:

  • Learning hands-on therapeutic skills
  • Learning to do reports via the IAP online portal
  • Learning to dispense entheogenic medications
  • Learning hands-on diagnostic skills
  • Shadowing one or more assigned employees who will guide the on-site experience.
  • Observing and correlating practices in the field with theories and methods previously studied.
  • Recording data or assisting with tasks as directed by on-site personnel.
  • Completing practicum course assignments.

Participation at the practicum site is typically a full day. Parts of days will be devoted to working, parts to learning. No remuneration is expected for a practicum, but it does qualify for academic credit.

FEES: All payment plans have Unit 7 and 8, Practicum and Intern Program pre-paid. Therefore by the time you get to this Unit, you have already paid for it. This helps some students with the expenses associated with attending at the Practicum location. The price of $5 listed for this unit is just a way for us to get the software to work.

TIME: 4 weeks

PREREQUISITE: Successfully challenge the Final Theoretical Exam.