Doctor of Pneumatherapy (Pn.D)

Purpose: The purpose of a Doctorate in Pneumatherapy (Pn.D) is either to

  1. illustrate your in-depth knowledge of a particular aspect of Pneumapathy by original research,
  2. or make a ‘unique contribution’ to the field.

Unique contribution: The ‘unique contribution’ of Pn.D can be to flesh out a concept, or describe a concept, that has not been done before. It can be to do research to defend a new or previously stated but undefended hypothesis. It can be to contribute a body of work that will help schools to train students.

Word count:  Doctoral dissertations are usually no less than 40,000 words.

Process: Submit a proposal. The committee will guide you to flesh out the proposal. Write the dissertation. You have three years to complete the project.

Publication: Your final work may be used by IAP for publication and for training purposes. If you plan to have the work published as a book, you will have to make changes to the manuscript (add a foreword, add or subtract content) to make your published work materially different to qualify for an ISBN number in its own right. We have guidelines to help you.