Introduction to Wayism

Authors: Teacher +Yajn (Jean du Plessis)

Teachers: Teacher +Yajn

Time: 40 hours

Price: $20

Text Books: none

Brief: Overview of Wayism as a philosophy, lifestyle, spiritual practice and mystical personal religion

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After this course you will own a very good overview of the place of Wayism in the world of spiritual traditions. As you read the materials and brief discussions, without thinking, your dharma will make your soul jump when a truth resonates in your soul. Those are your truths, the truth your soul recognizes as truth because it already knows it. When those feeling happen, you will know why other traditions never really made your soul happy–it was waiting for this. Initially, when the soul reaches out and grabs at its truths, there may be just a few and you will know that in time your soul will mature and you will grow into enlightenment and more, deeper truths will become you.

On the contrary, when you read the material and brief discussions and nothing jumps out at you, your soul does not be moved by the content and the mind gets stuck on things–then Wayism is not your truth. There are many path and our souls keep searching to find its Path. It is a joyous, emotional thing when the soul finds its Path. It is something that drives us to celebrate and it brings inner-transformation. If these things do not happen to you when working through this course, then Wayism is not yet for you–maybe another day.

You will find that wisdom is not something of which you have to become convinced by rational thinking. Wisdom comes from within, as if the soul minds are fascinated by the concept, the soul minds embrace it, loves it, and your body mind seems to know it and own it. That is your wisdom, your soul owns it and it cannot be taken from you.



Course Content

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Wayist studies / Unit 1/ Module 1 / That which makes Wayism different


Wayist studies / Unit 1/ Module 2 / Soul and Spirit


Wayist studies / Unit 1/ Module 3 / Healing and Helping


Wayist studies / Unit 1/ Module 4 / Spiritual practise


Wayist studies / Unit 1/ Module 5 / Your Path