(PnT) Introduction

ancient teacher teaches pneumatherapy

Introductory study toward Certified Pneumatherapist (PnT)

This course introduces the learner to the concept of pneumapathy (what causes spiritual energy un-wellness) and pneumatherapy (how to restore spiritual energy wellness), and its underlying theories, the philosophy and the metaphysics.


This is a required course for future studies toward CERTIFIED PNEUMATHERAPIST PRACTITIONER (PnT)


Full fees for (PnT) Certified Pneumatherapist program is $3,300.

This course explains the Grants, Payment plans and Ashram options associated with the program.



The first modules in this course starts off your with an overview of studies toward  CERTIFICATION as professional pneumatherapist with the designation (PnT). You will also learn other information to help you make a career decision.

Learn about course duration (this Introductory Module plus Modules 1 through 7), tuition fees, income potential of a Pneumatherapist, financial assistance, ashram studies, the International Association of Pneumapathy,  Internship, metaphysics, quantum physics, spirituality, and more.

This course goes into quite some depth regarding QUANTUM PHYSICS and SPIRITUAL ENERGY and the SPIRITUALITY and life of the pneumatherapist.


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