Masters in Pneumatherapy (PnM)

Master of Pneumatherapy degree

Master of Pneumatherapy

Purpose: The purpose of a Masters in Pneumatherapy is to illustrate your in-depth knowledge of various aspects of Pneumatherapy. A Masters in Pneumatherapy prepares one to teach pneumatherapy, and is often required for this purpose.

How: There are two ways to go about earning a Masters in Pneumatherapy.

  1. Do four theses on four different topics over a period of no more than two years, about 6,000 words per paper.
  2. Do one larger thesis on a particular topic that relates to and encompass the wider field of pneumatherapy, about 20,000 words.

Where to start:

  1. Start by thinking about the topic(s) you want to study and write.
  2. Write a proposal (we have proposal guidelines available once subscribed to the program) about your topic(s). If the topic(s) is accepted, the committee will give you guidance and feedback to flesh out the proposal.
  3. Your final proposal will end up being about 80% of the work needed to complete the thesis. At this point you may be required to meet online with peers and teachers to defend your thesis.
  4. After final acceptance of the proposal by the committee, you write the thesis.
  5. Your final work belongs to the IAP and may be published with full credit to you. Your work may also be used for training purposes in the future.