Doctor of Divinity (DDiv) degree

doctor of divinity

Doctor of Divinity (DDiv; Latin: Doctor Divinitatis) is an advanced or honorary academic degree in divinity. Some institutions use the abbreviation of the designation (DD) or (PhD) for the same.

Prajnaparamita School confers the Doctorate of Divinity (DDiv) degree to spiritual scholars of the divine arts who have satisfied the requirements.

Doctor of Divinity (DDiv), by definition, is absorbed in spirituality, putting to practice the divine art of living, and transformation of the human as it advances the mystical wisdom of the spirit.

In comparison with Master of Divinity that has to illustrate mastery of the subject matter at hand., Doctor of Divinity typically makes unique contributions, adding to the body of knowledge.

Doctor of Divinity (DDiv) is not the same as Doctor of Theology (ThD), which is a research degree awarded by academic institutions. Doctor of Theology studies are by definition not necessarily involved in spirituality, putting in practice the divine arts of living, and transformation of the human as it advances the mystical wisdom of the spirit, which is what the Doctor of Divinity is by definition.

Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree

Masters of Divinity degree

Master of Divinity (MDiv or M.Div) degree is awarded as the first professional degree in Divinity. You will need this degree to teach the spiritual tradition and instruct aspirants in the various aspects of spirituality on this Path.

Master of Divinity typically are ordained by Wayism International in one or more roles within the devotional community.

Those who hold Wayist Master of Divinity train and teach devotees not only in theology and metaphysical laws but also different meditation styles, different sub-paths best suited for the individual (read upaya), and act as lifestyle coach, relationship guidance, and more.

Master of Divinity may specialize or go the general direction. One can specialize in areas such as philosophy, yoga, priesthood, metaphysics, or sangha.