About PrajnaParamita School

Ancient School of Spiritual Healing
and Metaphysics

Prajnaparamita School started off about 30-years ago in Northern India to teach the Wayist art of spiritual energy healing, now known as Pneumatherapy in English language.

About 20 years ago, Prajnaparamita School added training for Wayist devotees for studies toward ordination to the offices of Teachers and Counselors. 

International Association of Wayist Organizations is now the owner and governing body behind PrajnaParamita School.

We have two Colleges. Each College is managed by a group of professionals in their field. Colleges maintain standards and advise the School on matters relating to the field. 

College of Divinity

College of Divinity is concerned with seminary studies. Courses are aimed at the general public of devotees who want to know more about their Path. We are adding more courses every month. Academic courses aimed at the three academic degrees BDiv, MDiv and DDiv are in place and available for enrolment (June 2018). Most of the publicly available courses arn credits toward BDiv degree.

College of Pneumapathy

Prajnaparamita College of Pneumatherapy is certified by International Association of Pneumapathy (IAP) as an approved school for studies in pneumatherapy that lead to Certification and Licensing as a professional Pneumatherapist (PnT). PnM and PnD certifications are also available.


Pneumatherapy is ancient Yogic therapy called Jivatman Chikitsa (Soul & Spirit Therapy)

Pneumatherapists are certified by Prajnaparamita School, but licensing to practice, and renewal of licenses are managed by International Association of Pneumapathy who is not affiliated with any other organization. 

The pneumatherapist is a spiritual worker, in most countries they fall under the banner of religious workers. IAP is a secular, independent body that works for protection of the public and of the good standing of the healing art of pneumatherapy. 


During the British occupation of the Indian sub-continent, it became necessary for pneumatherapy to create more structure in the northern areas. Because people in Kerala (southern India) incorporated more Ayurveda healing in the regime, the northerners decided that the southerners are moving away from spiritual healing, and PrajnaParamita started first as a committee of elders who would guard the teaching, and later it developed into a school in Nepal.

In the 20th/21st century a key player in restructuring was Mar +Yusa, bishop of the Wayist school of thought in Northern India. He created structures and commissioned researcher and writers to make sure that a solid standard of teaching and practice was laid down. His wish was that his closest students continue to “modernize” pneumatherapy. From that work, the International Association of Pneumapaths (IAP) was founded as a non-affiliated self regulating body for all of pneumatherapy. 

Reverend Teacher Mar +Yusa, elder in charge of Wayism International and founder of Prajnaparamita School. This photo was taken in Mumbai in the early 1990s

Few ancient healing disciplines are today as well preserved, practiced, structured and studied as pneumatherapy.

The school in Nepal finally ended as result of the massive earthquake of 2014. A decision was made to build an online school, and to demand  strict internships at the busiest clinics to finish off the training of therapists.


Doctor of Pneumatherapy Jean du Plessis
Acting principal of Prajnaparamita School Teacher +Yajn (PnD).

Prajnaparamaita School is a branch of the International Association of Wayist Organizations which is incorporated in Canada as a federal not for profit organization with religious and charitable aims. Venerable Mar +Yusa was the driving force behind the “westernization with integrity” movement in Wayism that gave rise to the first ever registration of Wayist organizations in the west, the first in Canada.

Much of what is taught and practiced in Pneumatherapy are uniquely Wayist. For example, the teaching that chakras are soul minds originated with Wayism more than 2,000 years ago. The unique way in which we diagnose the connections between soul minds and the physical body, the entheogenic medications, karman active meditation, and more–all originated with Wayists of old. Our approach to counseling, our therapies, and concepts such as “dharmic dissonance”, all are unique and are not practiced or taught by other other schools of thought.


Some practitioners of pneumatherapy apply for ordination as Wayist healers. This is however not a requirement for anyone to study, be certified and licensed as a professional practitioner. The licensing body, IAP, is separate from from Wayism and its Prajnaparamita School.

Prajnaparamita School is the primary teaching facility for Wayist ordination. We train Wayist teachers and provide continued education modules for Wayist leaders, +Teachers and Counselors+.

Spiritual Energy Diagnostics

The pneumatherapist performs a full (2 hour) spiritual energy diagnosis before any therapies are prescribed. Our therapies work with Prana, and the Chakras, Hara of the addomen and feet and hands, we consider the states of the tongue, nails and eyes, among other. 


Therapies may include such techniques as Pranamayati (from where Reiki developed), Dhatri (from where massage developed) and Somatic Integration therapy

Three elements of the holistic human being

The incarnated human is a triad of different energies. The spiritual element is the essence of our being. Mental and physical energies belong to the world of nature, physics. The energies of the three elements, soul, mind and body are different not only by nature, but also in how it manifests. 

These elements are interrelated and interdependent. Something gone wrong in one element affects the other. As Plato said, one cannot heal the human being by healing only one element. Some physical and mental ailments do not respond to medicine, because the soul aspect, the spiritual energies are not in order. 

We work with the soul-spirit energies and how it all integrates with the mind and body. Pneumatherapy is not complementary medicine and is not alternative medicine–medicine as it stands today is physics, science, therefore rooted in the natural laws, natural energies, biology and physiology. What we do belongs to another realm altogether. 

Career in Pneumatherapy

Pneumatherapists are in tremendous demand. Pneumatherapy is gaining popularity worldwide. Clients fly in to clinics in Canada, Bahamas and SE Asia from the Gulf States, Europe, New York and LA. We cannot keep up with the demand. 

Many pneumatherapists start their own clinics from home, but more professional clinics are starting up in exotic places where retreats are popular.

International Association of Pneumapathy

The IAP is the international self-regulating, certification and licensing body that sets standards and ethics for pneumatherapy. IAP relies on donor funding to maintain state of the art databases, online learning and diagnostic apps to advance the quality of pneumatherapy worldwide.

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