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Prajnaparamita College of Pneumatherapy is certified by International Association of Pneumapathy (IAP) as an approved school for studies in pneumatherapy that lead to Certification and Licensing as a professional Pneumatherapist (PnT). PnM and PnD certifications are also available.

Prajnaparamita College of Wayist Studies is the official academic Seminary for  International Association of Wayist Organizations for studies in Wayism that may lead to ordination as spiritual teacher. General courses are available to devotees. Degree programs are BDiv, MDiv and DDiv.

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Our Senior Experts

Doctor of Pneumatherapy Jean du Plessis

Jean is a seasoned pneumatherapist active in the field since the 1990’s. He is well known writer of books on spirituality and training material for pneumatherapy. Jean is principal of our school. Additionally, he serves on the Board of IAP and Wayism International. Jean holds a senior degree in Philosophy of Religion, Diploma in Theology at a Christian Seminary, and the highest designation as Pneumapath.

Jean du Plessis

Kimthy is a native of Cambodia. She teaches Pneumatherapy in Khmer language. Her students are Khmer-speaking women from rural Cambodia who joined the residential training program as full-time Wayist nuns. Their program runs for two years, after which they may act as licensed healers in their own community.

Kimthy’s students are sponsored; the monies of which come from the small profits made on standard rates charged to other students.


Pneumatherapy trainer & coach Adele du Plessis

Adele works as a full-time Pneumatherapist. She has decades of experience as counselor, pneumatherapist and clinic administrator. Adele writes course material for our school and manages several courses. Adele holds a senior degree in World Religions, Diploma in Theology at a Christian Seminary, and Certification as Pneumatherapist.


“I attended a Wayist pneumatherapy clinic while traveling in Cambodia in 2015. I received healing, and within two days of therapy I was a different person. This life changing experience rid me of years and years of issues that were not resolved by counselling, psychotherapy or psychiatric drugs. I started studying on PrajnaParamita website and today I am a successful IAP certified pneumatherapist–and i am ever grateful.”
– AJ: Tripadvisor reference


Pneumapathy is a metaphysical healing modality with its own academic discipline, its own educational content, research, evidence base and clinical activity, and is a clinical specialty orientated to primary care and pneumatherapies. It is  personal, family, and community-orientated comprehensive primary care of the spirit and soul body that includes diagnosis, medicines and therapy, continues over time and is anticipatory as well as responsive.

Vocational training and bi-annual licensing in Pneumatherapy is undertaken through the International Association of Pneumapathy (IAP). Once IAP training is completed, the therapist is awarded the Fellowship of the IAP with the designation Practitioner of Pneumatherapy (PnT). IAP also awards the Master of Pneumatherapy (PnM) and Doctor of Pneumatherapy (PnD) designations.

Spiritual Energy Diagnostics

The pneumatherapist performs a full (2 hour) spiritual energy diagnosis before therapies are prescribed. Our therapies work with Prana, and the Chakras, Hara of the abdomen, feet and tongue.  We consider the states of the aura (total energy field), each individual chakra, nadi, yinyang energies, dhamani (meridians), kundalini, marma points, and more. 

Therapies may include such techniques as Pranamayati (from where Reiki developed), Dhatri (from where massage developed), Somatic Integration therapy and entheogenic medications.


Three elements of the holistic human being

The incarnated human is a triad of different energies. The spiritual element is the essence of our being. Mental and physical energies belong to the world of nature, physics. The energies of the three elements, soul, mind and body are different not only by nature, but also in how it manifests.

These elements are interrelated and interdependent. Something gone wrong in one element affects the other. As Plato said, one cannot heal the human being by healing only one element. Some physical and mental ailments do not respond to medicine, because the soul aspect, the spiritual energies are not in order.

We work with the soul-spirit energies and how it all integrates with the mind and body. Pneumatherapy is not complementary medicine and is not alternative medicine–medicine as it stands today is physics, science, therefore rooted in the natural laws, natural energies, biology and physiology. What we do belongs to another realm altogether.

International Association of Pneumapathy (IAP)

IAP is the international self-regulating, certification and licensing body that sets standards and ethics for pneumatherapy. IAP relies on donor funding to maintain state of the art databases, online learning and diagnostic apps to advance the quality of pneumatherapy worldwide.

Career in Pneumatherapy

Pneumatherapists are in great demand. Pneumatherapy is gaining popularity worldwide. Clients fly in to clinics in Canada, Bahamas and SE Asia from the Gulf States, Europe, New York and LA. We cannot keep up with the demand.

Many pneumatherapists start their own clinics from home, but more professional clinics are starting up in exotic places where retreats are popular.

To see some of the services and pricing offered by a professional pneumatherapy clinic, visit for example the Wayist Center in Angkor Wat, in the city of Siem Reap, Cambodia


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PrajnaParamita School is the foremost choice for studies in Wayism and Wayist Philosophy. Our program for studies that lead to ordination is approved to be available in July 2018.

Presently, we have several Units and Modules ready for Wayist students who want to know more.

Prospective students are encouraged to get the book, WAYISM: The Primary Text

About us

Prajnaparamita School of Pneumatherapy migrated from its old days on a small farm ashram in Nepal to this worldwide e-learning campus. 

We are presently the only IAP certified school to present online learning in Pneumatherapy and advanced studies in Pneumapathy.

Our physical office in now in Cambodia but tutors, professors and students are from all over the world.

Our mission

  • To make Pneumatherapy training mainstream.
  • To bring the highest possible standard of Pneumatherapy training to the West.
  • To facilitate industry leading research in pneumapathy.

Several Certifications

Continued Education